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Work Regionally to Address Homelessness

Support Working Families

Improve Public Safety

Protect the Environment

These are the biggest issues facing our city, but they are not unique to Burien. That's why we need someone who is willing to work with our neighboring cities and the county. 

We cannot keep pretending that we can ignore regional issues and become so focused on ourselves that we don't see how the changing landscape of homeless services, public safety reform, environmental protections and housing affordability will impact us whether we engage or not. 

We need to engage. 

Whether the faith community, educators, students, parents, advocates, homeowners, renters, landlords, business owners, workers, or those experiencing homelessness and the worst of discrimination, I am committed to working together, building coalitions and bringing the best ideas forward.

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What causes people to lose their homes differs from individual to individual; sometimes it's job loss, sometimes it's substance abuse, leaving an abusive relationship, eviction, aging out of foster care, or many other reasons.

The residents of Burien are demanding action be taken regarding the unhoused population in our city; they want a plan, and to know that it is being moved forward. 

I believe in the Housing First approach, where emphasis is placed on providing permanent, supportive housing, thus ending their homelessness and serving as a platform from which they can pursue personal goals and improve their quality of life. 

While on the Burien City Council from 2018 - 2021, I advocated for diversion services in public safety (such as the LEAD program) that don't make the travesty of sleeping in the cold even more difficult to overcome by being cycled in and out of jail, only to emerge with fines they can't pay and services they no longer have access to. 

If elected, I would work tenaciously with our community (including those experiencing homelessness), neighboring cities, King County and service providers to provide a wide portfolio of housing options that allow for multiple entry points for housing.  Whether safe parking (with services), tiny homes, a 24/7 shelter or permanent supportive housing, we have options... and we can make those options a reality if we fund them.

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